Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hurrah for dvds!!!!

Been up since 5:30am with Madam....Chris at work....boys hyper....bad toothache....head feels full of cotton wool....bad times!!!!

Got to love the magic of dvds, a quilt on the sofa and a snack.....two happy boys watching Tinkerbell (for the 4th time this week) and Lottie crashed out asleep.....ahhhh peace!!!!!

Busy day tomorrow, Cam has his appointment at the epilepsy clinic and I have to get the cake, card, last minute bits and bobs for Ollies birthday on Saturday........and in the evening, the joy of building his new tractor and trailer and wrapping presents!!!!

Can't believe my little man is going to be 3 years old!

Here is his birthday siggie by the lovely Lisa Hunt :)

Well that's me for now, might pop back on later and write a bit about of each of my 3 little terrors, introduce them properly and all haha!!!! The birthday has broken rank and is currently doing forward flips off to sofa so better go be a mummy!

Monday, 8 August 2011


A few pics of some of the buggies I have had, they are certainly not all here lol! And also a list of the ones I have had, although I am certain there a few more I am forgetting....and I am sure there will be a few more before my buggy days are over ;)

The List:

Graco travel system – grey
Graco travel system – blue
M&P Aria
M&P Aria twin
Graco duo side by side
M&P 03 Sport
Maclaren  XT 2006
Maclaren XT 2008
Jane slalom
Nipper 360 single
Nipper 360 twin
Red castle 3 wheeler
Phil and teds e3 -red
Phil and teds sport – red
Phil and teds sport – black
Bugaboo frog
Bugaboo cameleon
Bugaboo Bee
Bugaboo bee plus
Maclaren triumph
Micralite toro
Micralite superlite
Bruin zen
Silvercross pop
M&P urbo
Baby jogger city mini
Quinny Buzz
Easy walker 3 wheeler
Cosatto Cabi
Bebe confort loola
Bebe confort streety

Deffo some I have missed!!! Will be back later to do a proper update lol!!! (on my life/kids not buggies this time, I promise!!!)

Friday, 5 August 2011

A Quickie!!!

Just a quick one this time!! Been a looooong day today, been hoping to hear from Pushchair Trader that I was one of the lucky ones selected to test some new wheels, wasn't my time this time but still hoping for a call soon haha! Check them out if you want an independent review of a buggy you may be looking at, to buy pre-loved buggies and to win lots of lovely prizes (I am not getting commission honest, I am just a little addicted!).

Think I have decided I am definitely going to buy a new buggy and sell the micralite but it will have to be after payday!!! Anybody want a micralite????

Had a dramatic afternoon yesterday when my 5 year keeled over and had a seizure at the museum, resulting in chaos as I tried to help him, Lottie ran off into a display room and Ollie ran out of the main doors! Ambulance came and we went to hossie, he was allowed home about 8pm. This is something he has been having since he was a baby and has been diagnosed as Reflex Anoxic Seizures. However because he should have grown out of them by age 4 (so we were told) and because he has now had 3 in the last few months for no reason (no 'trigger' such as a fall/bang to the head) he has an appointment next week at Sheffield Childrens Hospital to look at doing some tests. He is fine now, back to himself, I will update after his appt, but keep your fingers for us it goes well please!!!!

Going to sign off now, as the kids are running riot, the house is a tip and Daddy will be home any minute!!!


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Summer Holidays!

Well, it is a horrible rainy day here in Sheffield, Lottie is sleeping and the boys are watching Superman 4 for the 2694th time, giving me a chance to catch up on the I decided to come on here lol!!!

These holidays are the first ones that have really made a difference to me, Cam has finished his first year at school and Ollie has finished a year at nursery, so I have got used to having some peace through the week...not anymore lol! And this year I have a 15 month old bundle of pink energy whirling around, trying desperately to keep up with her brothers!!!! Manic times!!!

Our holidays so far have consisted of:

The plane museum! (yawn)

Picnics at the park! (boiled egg anyone...?)

Hula-hooping (circus workshop in town!)

And ice-cream!!!!

Today we have made blue cakes with green icing and sprinkles, and after some dinner we will hitting Weston Park museum. And on that note, I really better go tidy up before the peace ends and chaos resumes!!! :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More buggy talk, and subconscious age reduction......

So, yes, I am still here, my second post!! Would have written this a bit earlier, but couldn't for the life of me remember what site I had used, until I just had the bright idea of clicking the link I posted on Facebook last night!!!!

Right, well first of all, it was kindly pointed out by one of my (younger) friends that I got my age wrong last night, I am not 27, I am 28 and in fact, soon to be 29!!! Bad times right?!

And now the buggy talk (I am aware some of you may roll your eyes/log off at this point!)...

The buggy I currently have (well one of them) is the Micralite Superlite in black with a yellow liner. It looks very funky and it is an absolute dream to push, i would go so far as to say the easiest I have ever had. Lottie looks very comfy in it, sits nicely and can see all around her, and she also seems to sleep well in it......this is where I have the problem, it does not recline very far and I fret about this, I fret about a lot of things but this buggy is the first one i have had for a baby that doesn't lay pretty much flat. And the hood....well for all the sun/shower protection it gives, it may as well not be there lol!!! search for the perfect buggy may or may not be continuing....let me know if you have any suggestions for me!!!

And....that is all for tonight as Chris has fallen asleep in front of time team (for a change) so I am off to get a cuppa and some choccy cow biscuits and watch something, anything that does not have Tony Robinson in it!!! xxxxx

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hey, get me, blogging.....

So.......I avoided Myspace, resisted Facebook as long as possible, have just started venturing into Twitter (only 2 years or so after i set up an account!) and now I have entered the world of blogging!!! am assuming of course that if you are reading this you already know me, but here is a quick rundown anyway! I am Katie, I am 27 and I live in Sheffield with my partner Chris and my three very gorgeous, slightly fruitloop children, Cameron aged 5, Ollie aged 2 (3 next week, eek!) and Lottie aged 1. I don't work, Chris is about to start the final year of his radiography degree. No pets, but a sizable collection of wheels including (at the minute) three scooters, three bikes, one balance bike, a mini skateboard and my own personal collection of wheels, my precious buggies...right now I have a Phil & Teds sport double, a Maclaren Triumph and a Micralite Superlite.....this list is subject to change, buggies turn up most weeks, some stay a few weeks, some a few days, a small selection have never even made it out of the door before being returned/sold on!

So, that will do for now, life is chaotic, mostly (but not always!) a happy chaos!!! Will 'blog' more soon about my lovely, crazy kiddies and update on the current buggy situation - my quest for the perfect pram continues!  (If anyone wants any advice on buggies, just ask, I have had around 40, I gave up counting lol!)